Dear Members,

I trust you are healthy and well.

I thought that it is an opportune time to give you an update again on current events and activities at the EPA.


UPCOMING WEBINAR: Monday 6 September 09:30 – 10:30

Our next webinar presented by our Chairperson, Cynthia Schoeman from Ethics Monitor is scheduled for Monday 6 September 2021, 09:30 to 10:30 on our Zoom platform. The webinar topic is titled:


Building an ethical future for our country and our organisations warrants that we learn the ethical lessons from the systematic corruption of State Capture and the widespread moral collapse of the recent looting. So too are there ethical lessons to be learnt from the lifestyle and workplace changes wrought by the pandemic. Cynthia Schoeman, the EPA chair, shares these lessons and raises key questions that leaders and ethics practitioners should be considering.

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Passcode: EPA

Please find further details on this webinar and access our event announcement page on:



We are proud to announce that the EPA Board has concluded its first assessments for the (EP)SA designation in line with the formal application processes which commenced in March 2021. We will provide further feedback on the designations and associated processes in later communication but do wish to advise our membership that the newly formed EPA Membership and Designation committee have been hard at work in formalising this process, updating the required application process and formulating the required policies. 

*Please be on the lookout for our newly formatted and updated  electronic membership application form which will be provided to each member. This form, in its new electronic format and updated content will provide for ease of membership application (including for the (EP)SA designation).

Should you have any question regarding this process, please feel free to direct these to [email protected] and a committee member will address. 



We strongly believe in our value proposition. To remind our members, we have been sharing them on social media over the last few weeks but for those who missed it, here they are again:

  • The EPA promotes the professional status, image and credibility of its members; provides accreditation for the recognised designation of Ethics Practitioner which boosts members’ professional standing and strengthens their CVs; and facilitates a clear career path for ethics professionals.
  • The EPA plays an advocacy role to speak out about ethical issues and promote ethics among members and organisations in general; provides a forum for discourse and learning, where knowledge, ideas and practical experience are shared to promote continuous development for its members; and hosts functions, talks and webinars to share best practice and thought leadership.
  • The EPA provides conduct standards that are applicable to all members; promotes and protects the interests of its members; and creates the opportunity to network and form professional relationships with fellow members.
  • The EPA enables members to more effectively influence their organisation’s culture, philosophy and values; encourages members to speak out as a force for good and as opponents of corruption; and provides a platform for members’ articles to be posted on its website and to do talks or host events, talks or webinars for the EPA.


Please email us at [email protected] if there are any issues you want to discuss with us.

Have a great and safe day.