On 31 October 2022, in support of the EPA’s aim to share best practice, thought leadership, and to promote continuous development for its members, three ethics practitioners discussed insights from their research for their Masters (MPhil) in Applied Ethics. Cynthia Schoeman, Chairperson of the EPA, Yael Dall, non-executive director of the EPA, and Stephan Bezuidenhout, the EPA CEO discussed their respective topics:

1. Integrating incentives and Virtue ethics to improve ethical behaviour in big data organisations (Yael Dall).

2. Exploring the shift from a compliance culture to an ethical culture in the financial industry (Stephan Bezuidenhout).

3. Understanding modern slavery in supply chains and the extent of corporate responsibility (Cynthia Schoeman).

Apart from their EPA roles, Stephan Bezuidenhout and Yael Dall both serve as Discovery Group Ethics Officers and Cynthia Schoeman is the MD of Ethics Monitoring & Management Services (Pty) Ltd.

Watch the webinar here: https://lnkd.in/dCeTEmCZ

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