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Frequently asked questions

Why create a professional association for Ethics Practitioners?

The maturation of corporate ethics management and consequent emergence of the role of the ethics practitioner and business ethicists within African businesses, has created a valuable and indispensable community of ethics professionals.
Recognizing this professional competence and coupled with the growing regulatory and governance prescripts that have incorporated corporate ethics at its core, a need for recognition, increased networking opportunities, continued professional development and importantly professionalization status has been created..

How does the EPA plan to empower ethics professionals?

The EPA will do this through:

  • being the recognized professional body for Ethics Professionals;
  • promoting the professional status and integrity of its members;
  • regulating the conduct of its members in line with professional standards;
  • providing accreditation and being a body of knowledge for its members;
  • promoting education and continuous development of its members;
  • promoting and protecting the interests of its members;
  • encouraging co-operation between its members;
  • encouraging and promoting the practice of ethics in business and related fields;
  • establishing, maintaining and promoting best practice for its members;
  • encouraging and facilitating the exchange of information and ideas among its members and other stakeholders;
  • promoting, supporting or opposing measures affecting the interests of the EPA and its members;
  • informing members of new developments and changes affecting best practice in the field of ethics.
How do I apply for membership and what are the membership categories?

Membership applications are open to individuals practicing as ethics professionals or who have similar role designations and/or responsibilities. The Board of Directors will consider membership applications received.

Membership categories are currently being developed, at this stage the associate membership designation is in place.

Applications can be made directly on-line at www.epa-africa.com

What are the benefits of membership?

The EPA aims to be the recognized professional body for Ethics Practitioners across Africa. The purpose of the association is to promote the professional status, image and credibility of its members and provide accreditation, best practice principles, conduct standards and be a body of knowledge for its members.

The association has, as a founding objective to create a forum where ethics practitioners can share their knowledge and day–to-day practical experiences. In addition the association seeks to provide a place for discourse and learning where ideas can be shared and debated and where lasting professional relationships can form.

Through this professional affiliation and networking opportunities, the association seeks to ensure that this objective forms the foundation of the association.

Will the EPA be applying to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) for Professional Body Recognition and Professional Designation Registration?

Yes, the Board has progressed with a review of the requirements and will be progressing this application during the course of 2018

How is the role of the EPA different from that of The Ethics Institute?

The two entities, whilst complementary, serve two distinctly different purposes. The role of the EPA is discussed in detail in question 2 above and the TEI has wholeheartedly endorsed the EPA and is in support of, and endorses its vision. Please see article entitled ‘The Ethics Practitioners’ Association takes its first steps’ www.tei.org.za/index.php/resources/articles/business-ethics/7449-the-ethics-practitioners-association-takes-its-first-steps

How can I contribute to the EPA?

Active members form the backbone of the EPA. We will initially be hosting a number of breakfast events and releasing publications throughout the year, all of which will provide valuable and current thought leadership on ethics topics to members and interested individuals.

If you would like to either host an event, propose notable speakers, assist in providing publication content or articles or have any suggestions on ways in which the association can be strengthened in future, these would be greatly valued and considered. Any proposals can be forwarded to [email protected]

Which bodies are the EPA associating with?

As outlined, the EPA has retained a sound and constructive collaboration with TEI and has received immeasurable support from the institute, as well as with the ACFE. We are in the process of formalizing a number of Memorandums of Understanding with other associated professional bodies, both nationally and internationally. These will be communicated to members once concluded.