The EPA aims to be the recognised professional association for Ethics Practitioners. 

The purpose of the association is to promote the professional status, interests, image, and credibility of Ethics Professionals, provide best practice principles and be a body of knowledge for Ethics Professionals.

Who We Are

The EPA is a non-profit organisation of Ethics Professionals who have a common goal to positively influence the cultures, philosophies, and values that govern the behaviours of institutions.


The EPA is dedicated to the advancement of the ethics profession through research, education, and the fostering of strong relationships within the Ethics community.


Its following derives from a wide range of institutions, both within the public and private sectors. 


The EPA strives to be the voice of Ethics Professionals, to promote best practice in the ethics profession, and be a body of knowledge for Ethics Professionals.


This makes the EPA the association of choice for Ethics Professionals.


Empowering Ethics Professionals

Get involved

Any Professional involved in the promotion of ethics is encouraged to subscribe to the EPA. 

Email [email protected] to subscribe.