EPA Happenings

20 Aug 2020

“Will ethics tomorrow be improved by ethical lessons from today?”

EPA webinar in honour of Woman’s Day

Recently, the EPA held a webinar to honour Woman’s Day. This webinar explored ethics over the recent period and endeavoured to clarify what lessons have been (or should have been) learnt from ethical failures as well as ethical successes. And, crucially, how these lessons can be used to improve ethics in the future.

The panelists included:

Cynthia Schoeman, MD Ethics Monitoring & Management Services (Pty) Ltd and Chairperson of the EPA
Carolynn Chalmers, CEO Good Governance Academy, Chairperson of the Technical Committee for the ISO standards for the Governance of Organizations at the SA Bureau of Standards, and governance consultant to Candor Governance (Pty) Ltd.
Dr Claudelle von Eck, Former CEO of the Institute of Internal Auditors SA and founder of Brave Inflexions.
Parmi Natesan, CEO of the Institute of Directors in South Africa and non-executive director of Alviva Holdings.



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