EPA Happenings

01 Mar 2018

EPA happenings

EPA Awards Ceremony

On 18 January 2018, the Ethics Practitioners’ Association (EPA) hosted an Awards Ceremony to celebrate and welcome the first of their Pioneer members. The EPA was privileged to have the honor of the distinguished Professor Willem Landman as their guest speaker at this event. Referring to the Ethics Institute (TEI) and the rapid growth in numbers of Certified Ethics Officers, he said this reinforces and affirms the need for a professional body such as the EPA. A professional body had always been envisaged, but it had to come from the practitioners themselves. He congratulated and wished the EPA well.

Shane Burton, Chairman of the EPA, awarded Professor Landman Honorary membership (Member no A001) in recognition of his extensive experience and insights as an ethicist who continues to make a real contribution to ethics in society.

The EPA welcomes the following Pioneer members:



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